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Eaton Advanced Monitored ePDUs

Eaton Advanced Monitored ePDUs give the data centre manager the detailed accurate information and understanding they need to efficiently and effectively run their data centre.

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Technical Specifications

Product Snapshot
Frequency 50Hz
Power Range 3.7kW
Input Voltage 200 to 240V

ePDU Models

Part Number Style Number Function Input Plug Output Receptacles
Adv. Monitored IEC
eAMA06 eAMA06 AM C14 (16) C13
eAMA07 eAMA07 AM 309-16A (20) C13, (4) C19
eAMA08 eAMA08 AM C20 (20) C13, (4) C19
eAMA09 eAMA09 AM 309-32A (20) C13, (4) C19


Product Literature
Eaton ePDUs Schuko Version - Brochure
Eaton ePDUs French Version - Brochure
Eaton ePDUs All socket types - Brochure


  • Monitoring: Highly accurate individual outlet, user-defined group of outlets, branch circuit and full ePDU monitoring for kWhrs, V, W and A (1% accuracy above 2A). Also monitor temperature and humidity in the rack via optional sensors.
  • Control: Monitor and measure key properties and alerts remotely over Ethernet or via Advanced LCD screen on the unit. Communication protocols include HTTP / HTTPS, DHCP, SNMP v1 and v3, SNTP, SMTP, Telnet, IPv4 & IPv6. Cisco EnergyWise compliant. Mass configuration and Mass upgrade available via optional Intelligent Power Manager (IPM) software.
  • Designed to fit in any standard 42U IT rack.
  • Designed to provide reliable, consistent power distribution in temperatures of up to 50°C.


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