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Eaton Flex PDUs

These basic rack PDUs are versatile, flexible power strips intended to provide more connection options when using rackmount UPSs. The FlexPDU series is compatible with any UPS below 3 kVA and is the perfect power distribution option for the Evolution, EX and M series while the high voltage PDUs are compatible with the EX RT UPS series. These PDUs offer multiple mounting options for rack enclosures, wall mounting or connection at the rear of the UPS.



  Basic ePDUs
  Switched ePDUs
  Managed ePDUs
  In-line Monitored ePDUs
  Monitored ePDUs
  Advanced Monitored ePDUs
  HotSwap MBP

Product Literature
Eaton Flex PDUs - Brochure

  • Extend the number of devices that can be connected to a single UPS.
  • Can be rackmounted, wallmounted or connected at the rear of a Eaton UPS in 3 different ways.
  • 1U versatile power distribution unit.
  • Easy plug-in connectivity.
  • Universal solution.



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