What is Precision Air Conditioning?
Precision air conditioning controls the ambient environment by providing constant temperature and humidity conditions to costly and sensitive sophisticated electronic equipments throughout the year. This is in contrast to normal air conditioning which provides only the cooling comfort to people sitting in a room.

Objectives of Precision Air Conditioning
Precision air conditioners are designed specifically to meet following objectives to be achieved with a very high degree of  reliability. 

   1. Air temperature control (± 1.0°C).

   2. Air humidity control (± 7/8%).

   3. High airflow rate.

   4. Year-round operation (24 hours a day, 365 days a year), without any interruption.


The above objectives are achieved by an appropriate selection of components and special software used to control the equipment. The software is based on the event prediction principle, which enables action to be taken in advance on the strength of analyses on the trends of the room's temperature and humidity parameters, guaranteeing precision and optimizing energy consumption.

 cannot be met with in normal air-conditioning. 

Precision air conditioning finds applications in places like the following that require a technological environment characterized by high levels of heat value to dissipate.

 * Data-processing centers .

 * Call centers .

 * Internet providers .

 * Server rooms .

 * Control rooms .

 * Museums .


Uniflair precision air conditioning units are available in following ratings. 


 ⬛ Amico – S Series: 5KW – 22KW
    The most compact range of units available on the market, Amico provides high powered cooling with the minimum of fuss.

    Low energy consumption on all units and frontal access to all components ensures that installation and service &   

    maintenance couldn’t be easier.


 ⬛ Leonardo – Evolution: 22W – 65KW
The newest and brightest star in the Uniflair portfolio, Leonardo has been designed to meet the needs of the 21st Century.

    A range of units that takes 60% less time to make, occupies less valuable floor-space than anyone thought possible and  

    consumes less energy than ever before. Leonardo looks great, works even better and costs less.


 ⬛ Leonardo – Max Series: 65KW – 140KW

    Noted for its efficient use of space, the Leonardo Max series is specifically designed for the modern Data Centre that 

    requires large amounts of cooling packed into a small frame.

The above are available in following versions.

  Air- or water-cooled direct expansion versions (DX)

 Chilled water versions (CW).

 ⬛ Twin cool versions (TC), characterized by a chilled water section and a water- or air-cooled, refrigerant fluid direct expansion 


Main Features of Uniflair Precise Air Conditioning
 * Highly sensible cooling system.

 * Intelligent dehumidification, without reduction in air flow.

 * Fan is provided with speed control so that the cooling performance and the noise level of the unit can be tailored 

   to application .

 * Lower power consumption.

 * Intelligent supervision and reliability through monitoring of all components with precise and clear display of any malfunction or

   abnormal conditions.

 * Accessories can be incorporated

 * High fire tolerance.

 * High pressure strength.

 * Compact in design and all the internal components are easily accessible.

 * In conformity with set standards.

Amico – S Series

Leonardo – Evolution

Leonardo – Max Series


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